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ArtsNow - March 3, 2016

Campus to welcome bestselling author Nadia Hashimi on International Women's Day

Novelist's March 8 speaking event will focus on gender issues in Afghanistan, Syrian refugee crisis More »


Arts Voices: Canada in 2050 - land of climate change extremes at current emission levels
Rob Huebert, Department of Political Science, in the Ottawa Citizen More »

Arts Voices: Suburbs' fabric shifts as jobs move away from the downtown core
Harry Hiller, Department of Sociology, on CBC News More

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Upcoming Events
Mar 3: Memory ecologies
Mar 3: ZIKA - Experts, advocacy and a public health emergency
Mar 3: Potential Infinity: A modal account (Calgary Mathematics & Philosophy lectures present ...) 
Mar 3: Chamber Music
Mar 3-4: Exhibition: Shadows of Light
Mar 4-5: Logical pluralism miniconference
Mar 4: Art Workshop: Video Mapping
Mar 4: Considerations for typical language development and developmental language impairments
Mar 4: 2016 Distinguished Lecturer (Economics) - The evolution of culture and institutions: Evidence from the Kuba Kingdom (w/ Nathan Nunn, Harvard University)
Mar 4: Junior recital: Christine Chen
Mar 5: Alberta District Japanese Language Speech Contest
Mar 5: (PEP) Piano and Ehru Project
Mar 7: Junior Recital (Mighelle Wattis)
Mar 7: How should we teach religion? (The Swanson Lecture in Christian Spirituality)
... events continued
Mar 8: Nadia Hashimi Public Reading & Discussion (Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures Program)
Mar 9: Calligraphy - Japanese Culture Series 
Mar 9: Who Makes Us Sick and Why: Declining Childhood Vaccination Rates in High Income Communities
Mar 10: Teaching and Learning Workshop: D2L Tips and Tricks
Mar 11: Visiting Artist: Lisa Lipton - Impossible Blues
Mar 11: ACIR Roundtable discussion: Field methods and technology used by consulting archaeologists
Mar 11: Transcultural Immigrant Entrepreneurship: A study of Chinese dominance in the grocery retail sector in Panama and Belize
Mar 11: Philosophy Speakers ALUMNI SERIES: William Lyons (Trinity College Dublin), "Philosophy, Drama and Philosophical Drama"
Mar 11: Department of Economics Seminar - Koichiro Ito
Mar 11: Russian Масленица ('Butter Week') Celebration
Mar 11: Grad Recital: Jonathan Gresl
More events: 

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