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Fellowship Programmes

Annual Fellowships

Since 1977, the Institute has offered Annual Fellowships to faculty members at the University of Calgary. Only full-time faculty are eligible to apply, although rank or tenure are not considered as criteria for eligibility.

Awards are given to support specific research projects. Typically, though not without exception, the projects can be completed within the year for which the fellowship is given. Success in the competition for fellowships is based on assessment of the scholarly record of the candidate and the quality of the research proposal. Assessment includes evaluation by scholars in other universities who serve as evaluators.

Annual Fellowships provide the recipient with release from a portion of their teaching obligations for an academic year. Fellows remain in residence at the University of Calgary. They do not receive a direct grant from the Institute. Rather, the home department of a Fellow receives funds to assist with release from teaching duties during the award.

For the duration of the award, Annual Fellows become members of the Institute and they are provided with an office and secretarial assistance. Annual Fellows thus form the nucleus of a centre of advanced research that changes in identity from year to year but it is ongoing because it is a community of active researchers whose work is deemed to be of high quality by their peers.

The Institute has created opportunities for concentrated periods of research and awarded more than 100 Annual Fellowships to University of Calgary scholars since 1977. Without such leave time, the scholarly output that is crucial to a university's mandate and that is a carefully considered element in hiring and promotion decisions would be substantially reduced. Annual Fellowships have been won by scholars from a wide range of disciplines including: anthropology, archaeology, art, classics, communication & culture, drama, education, English, French, geography, German, history, kinesiology, law, linguistics,  music, nursing, philosophy, political science, religious studies, slavic studies, sociology, social work, Spanish, and University archive studies.

Frances Spratt Graduate Student Fellowship

Graduate students in the final phase of their Ph.D. dissertation are eligible for this Fellowship, and the dissertation should involve a topic that reflects the academic mandate of the Institute as outlined on the Call for Applications.  The Graduate Student Fellow has an office and administrative support at the CIH, and they are full members of the community of scholars working at the Institute.

Undergraduate Student Fellowship - is not offered for 2015 - 2016

In 2006, CIH launched a Fellowship to support an undergraduate student doing research while resident at the Institute. The Undergraduate Student Fellow has an office and administrative support at the CIH, and they are full members of the community of scholars working at the Institute.

Visiting Research Fellowship

Applications are invited from scholars of established reputation and from younger scholars holding a doctorate or equivalent, for Visiting Research Fellowships at the Institute. The Fellowships are tenable at the Institute from four months to one year.  There is no stipend attached to a Visiting Research Fellowship.  The Fellowship provides an office in an active research environment, and access the University library.

Awards are primarily intended for scholars on sabbatical or release-time leaves to provide the opportunity for a research visit to the Institute. 

Visiting Research Fellowships link the University of Calgary with scholars from around the world. Visitors bring their expertise to Calgary, while at the same time creating avenues for further collaboration between University of Calgary scholars and researchers from the visitor's home institution. To date, the Visiting Research Fellowship Program has attracted scholars from as close to home as the University of Lethbridge and as far afield as Spain, Austria, Poland, the U.K., New Zealand, Azerbijan, Korea, and China.

    Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Not Currently Available for a CIH Fellowship award.

    Since 1978, the Institute offered Postdoctoral Fellowships to beginning scholars in the humanities.

    The purpose of these fellowships was to provide an opportunity for new scholars who have recently completed doctoral studies to pursue their chosen areas of scholarly research further.  Regrettably, in 2003 and for budgeting reasons, this program is frozen.

    Since 1978, nearly 50 talented and promising new scholars were able to continue their work through the Institute's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.