University of Calgary


Submitted by jafarkas on Wed, 2010-10-06 20:08.

The University of Calgary has launched a new and innovative interdisciplinary M.A. program in Israel Studies that explores critical issues in contemporary Israeli history and politics, and provides insight into the issues that Israel will face in the future.


Israel has been the bedrock of major world religions and civilizations, social, political and commercial structures, as well as strategic and international relations. The country has also witnessed major processes of state building in the modern era. Israel’s experience in combining old traditions and new practices in urbanization, industrialization, social integration, institution building, and military defense bears important lessons that exceed the boundaries of that region and the understanding of which is an important dimension in the study of today’s global world.


The program’s core courses focus on the philosophical and historical forces underlying the establishment of modern Israel and its contemporary developments. It is expected that a scholarly and academic approach to the program will generate new insights on the region and provide the highest level of training for future generations.


The Israel Studies Program is considered to be a specialty within an existing graduate program. The student will receive the degree offered by the home program: Master of Arts (M.A.), Specialization: Israel Studies. Hence, each Israel Studies student must have a base department i.e. Political Science, History, Military and Strategic Studies, English, etc. Applications are coordinated between the Director of Israel Studies and the Graduate advisor of the respective department.