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Science Cafe: "Is Language Learning for Everyone?" 

Thank you to all those who joined us for this great event! Having a room full of educators, health-care professionals, parents, students, and interested citizens inevitably led to a lively discussion and lots to think about. Special thanks to Jessica de Villiers (Department of English, University of British Columbia), Andrea MacLeod (School of Speech Therapy and Audiology, Université de Montréal), and E. Anne Hughson (Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary), our guest experts, and thanks to Carmen Fandino and Lilien Perera Perez from the Calgary Board of Education for presenting research, strategies, and thought-provoking concepts. For a summary of the presentations, please click here. Finally, thanks to CIHR for their support!  

Science Cafe Guest Speakers  Perera Perez/Fandino, CBE  Q&A

Coming up in the LRC:

Annual Poster Symposium

The Language Research Centre is hosting a Graduate Student Poster Symposium (poster presentation session) on April 30, 2014 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm in the Language Research Centre (CHD 420). The poster session will be followed by a reception.

2014 Poster Symposium Participants 

Annemie Treier

“Du silence au “non-silence”: le regard comme mode d’énonciation dans La Recherche de l’Absolu d’Honoré de Balzac”

Danica MacDonald

“The changing status of Korean as a classifier language”

David Sidhu

“Priming boubas and kikis”

Joseph Windsor

“Language revitalization in two sister languages: The effects of language policy  and planning in Irish and Scottish Gaelic”

LeAnn Brown

“The role of /s/ in perceiving gender and sexual orientation”

Michele Wellsby

“The influence of embodied experience in children’s word learning and reading comprehension”

Paulina Maczuga

“Production of second language German word stress by native speakers of English”

Svitlana Filonik

“Formal aspects of lexical blending in Ukrainian"

 This event allows students (both undergraduate and graduate) to:

  • have an opportunity to present their research, including work in progress, to the larger campus community;
  • discuss their research with experts in the field;
  • engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue with researchers and peers in a variety of fields;
  • acquire practice with presenting their research; and
  • hone their skills in designing a research poster.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following areas of research: bi- and multilingualism,
applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, language acquisition and attrition, heritage,
sociolinguistics, second and foreign language pedagogy, immersion,  language education, culture in the second/foreign language classroom, language and literature/culture, language cognition, language planning and policy, language and learner characteristics, course and materials design for the L2 classroom, language learning and technology, and language and literature/culture. 

Please contact Mary O'Brien at if you have any questions.

Speaker Series
The LRC will offer two speaker series again this year. “The Language of Literature” will focus on the ties between language and literature, and “Theoretical and Experimental Innovations in Language Acquisition Research” will focus on methodological issues in language acquisition research. All talks will be held on Fridays at 3:00 in the LRC.

“The Language of Literature” 

September 27, 2013                    Robinson Ayala, University of Calgary                                       "The relationship of orality and literacy in Don Quixote"

October 25, 2013 Eileen Lohka, University of Calgary
"An Aesthetic of absence: to write or not to write it?"

March 7, 2014
Julie Sedivy, University of Calgary "Language (dis) pleaseures: A psycholinguist's musings on aesthetic and literary language"
March 28, 2014 Jean-Francois Richer, University of Calgary

"From the Grunt of St. Joseph to the Rattle of Gold: Sound Effects in Balzac's Human Comedy"

Postponed until 
September, 2014    
Jean-Jacques Poucel, University of Calgary

"Horizons of the Real: Elegy and Littéralité in the Aftermath of WWII"









“Theoretical and Experimental Innovations in Language Acquisition Research” 

October 4, 2013  Kara Hawthorne, University of Alberta "Reconsidering prosodic bootstrapping"
November 1, 2013 Bryan Gick, University of British Columbia "Speech biomechanics and neuromuscular modularization: How our bodies teach us to talk"
December 6, 2013   Johannes Knaus, University of Calgary   "Think on your feet.  ERP studies on an intermediate prosodic category"
February 6, 2014                                               Andrea MacLeod, Université de Montréal 
"Beyond age of acquisition and amount of exposure: considering the context for bilingual speech and language development"     
February 14, 2014

Anja Arnhold, University of Alberta

"Prosodic marking of focus in 5 year olds: An experimental study of Finnish" 
March 14, 2014

Anne-Michelle Tessier, University of Alberta                                                          

"How kids do and don't make mistakes: The nature of regressions in the acquisition of phonological grammars"













German CEFR examinations are offered by the LRC in the Winter term. Registration forms will be available at the links provided here and payment is due one week before the exam. Please contact if you have any questions, and watch this section for more information to come.

French CEFR (DELF / DALF) examinations are offered by the French Centre. They will be offered in June 2014: A2 June 5, B2 June 4 and C2 June 2. For more information see:

Chinese HSK examinations are offered by the Department of Linguistics, Languages and Cultures. For dates and other information, please visit:

Spanish CEFR (DELE) exams are offered by the Aula Cervantes. You can find more information here: