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A new way to engage with the Faculty of Arts

Welcome to your new Arts Engage newsletter!

September 7, 2017

Arts Engage is a refreshed version of the weekly ArtsNow faculty and staff newsletter produced by the Faculty of Arts Communications and Marketing team. In line with the Faculty of Arts 2017-22 Strategic Plan: Energizing Arts, we are seeking to better reflect and communicate Arts-focused research, along with teaching and learning, and community, diversity and inclusion initiatives to our internal community. We want to engage, inspire and discover along with you.

In this and every issue of Arts Engage, you will find:

  • Your photo of the week
  • Internal news, spotlights, and updates from our senior leaders, associate deans, alumni and development, when relevant
  • A new, better organized calendar to help you find the events that are interesting to you
  • All the media coverage of our talented researchers
  • Highlights of important campus events and campaigns

We asked, you answered, we listened

Our Dec. 2016 reader survey had a response rate of 13.5%. We’re grateful that so many of you took the time to let us know your thoughts. Here’s what we’ve been able to implement:

You said: I get too much mandatory email. I don’t have time to read this. It’s too long. I’ve already seen the stories in UToday.
Our response: We’ve removed UToday news stories from our newsletter, and we’ve cut down on the number of stories in each issue. We’ll also be working with committees and groups in our Faculty to filter more internal communication through the Arts Engage newsletter, so you receive less email.

You said: I want to stay informed about the faculty. I want to find out more about all talks and lectures across departments.
Our response: We’ll be gathering information and updates to share from the Faculty’s leadership team, as well as other units around the faculty. We’ve added categorization to the events listings to help make them easier to browse. Want to add your event to our website and newsletter? Contact your web administrator.

You said: I don’t know how to get in touch with Faculty of Arts communications staff. I don’t know how to submit a story idea or event.
Our response: We have updated our Contact Us page with more information on who we are and what we do, and we’ve added a link to our contact page in every Arts Engage newsletter.

More opportunities to give feedback

Look for a reader survey early in 2018. We want to help you engage, inspire and discover all that Faculty of Arts has to offer.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Write to