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Faculty of Arts Awards recipients

Congratulations to the faculty and staff who were recognized with a 2014 Faculty of Arts Award:


Penny Pexman, professor (psychology)
Established Scholar
Currently in her second term as associate head of the Department of Psychology, Pexman has also been elected president of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science and she is the editor of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Charlene Elliot, professor (communication and culture)
Established Scholar
The CIHR Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy and Children’s Health, Elliot designed the Media Literacy and Food Marketing lesson plan for elementary and junior high students, which has been provided to over 1,400 children across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario in 2014.

Shawn Marshall, professor (geography)
Established Scholar
A world renowned glaciologist and climate change scientist, Marshall was awarded a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Climate Change in 2007. This title was renewed for a second term in 2012. A highly prolific researcher, in the past two years alone Marshall has published 11 peer reviewed articles in the most prestigious journals in his field, along with one book and five book chapters.

Thomas O’Neill, assistant professor (psychology)
New Scholar
Organizational psychologist O’Neill has been published in 13 peer reviewed publications since his arrival at the University of Calgary in 2011, nine as a senior author. He has also made 27 conference presentations.


Jeremy Brown, professor (music, School of Creative and Performing Arts)
Established Teacher 
A teacher of saxophone and conducting, Brown elevated the standing of the University of Calgary Jazz Ensemble to the point where they’re now being invited to such prestigious international festivals as the 2014 Elmhurst College Jazz Festival in Chicago.

Dawn Johnston, instructor (communication and culture)
Established Teacher 
A popular and dedicated teacher with excellent range, Johnston teaches a wide array of classes ranging from communication studies, film studies and women’s studies, to food culture, a class she was instrumental in developing. She also coordinates the honours program in Communication and Culture.

David Dick, assistant professor (philosophy)
Emerging Teacher 
A teacher of business ethics, Dick introduced a pilot class on the philosophy of money, which has now become a permanent part of the Department of Philosophy curriculum. He also gives special seminars on ethics to PhD students in the Haskayne School of Business.


X. Jie Yang, professor (linguistics, languages and cultures)
Leader in Internationalization 
As a long serving professor of Japanese, Chinese and East Asian Language Studies, Yang has contributed greatly to the internationalization of the Faculty of Arts, establishing academic networks and research collaborations with international partners.

Paul Chastko, instructor (history)
Leader in Internationalization 
An accomplished history instructor with a research focus on the history of the petroleum industry and energy policies, Chastko has been coordinator of the International Relations undergraduate program for eight years. In that capacity he’s actively promoted opportunities for students to study abroad.

Staff Excellence

Ella Wensel (political science)
Outstanding Staff Member
An invaluable and beloved member of her department, Wensel has served in Political Science since 1983, working in various capacities before settling in to her current position as department manager. Wensel’s duties are wide ranging, from keeping track of the budget, helping to prepare the annual course timetable and supporting the department head, and she excels at all of them.