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Internal funding sources


  • Humanities Institute Fellowships
    Established in 1977, the Calgary Institute for the Humantities offers Annual Fellowships to faculty members, the Frances Spratt Graduate Student Fellowship, Undergraduate Student Fellowships, and Visiting Research Fellowships. The Humanitites Institute supports research in the traditional humanities disciplines such as languages, literature, and philosophy, as well as in philosophical and historical aspects of the social sciences, sciences, arts and professional studies. The humanities are not conceived as a specific group of academic disciplines but include all forms of study that examine what is human - literature, philosophy, history, social and physical settings, artifact, visual and performing arts.

The Faculty of Arts offers limited funding for various faculty sponsored initiatives. These include:

  • Scholarly Activity Grants support activities advancing scholarship. Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to, convening scholars from different disciplines and/or departments to share research methods or results; organizing and hosting conferences and/or visiting speakers; and advertising or publicizing research activities. Scholarly Activity Grants will be in the range of $250-500.

  • Seed Grants support research activities for upcoming grants. Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to, pilot studies; travel to archives for preliminary research; graduate research assistance to lay the foundations for the grant application. Seed Grants will not exceed $2500.

  • Teaching Activity Grants support course- and curriculum- related activities in undergraduate and graduate teaching, normally for a significant number of students (typically 10 or more). Appropriate activities might include, but are not limited to events (open to more than one discipline or department); visiting speakers; conference presentations; or materials and supplies (e.g. software license fees, memberships). Teaching Activity Grants will not exceed $1000.

  • Travel Grants support faculty members’ presentations at conferences, colloquia, festivals, workshops, and similar forums. Travel Grants will not exceed $1000.

 If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Penny Pexman or Ginger Rodgers.