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Submitted by kbaig on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 10:59pm

ASHA Designation

  • Is ASHA a minor?

No. ASHA is a milestone, which appears on your transcript, but not on your degree certificate.

  • What is a milestone, and why isn’t ASHA a minor?

A milestone appears on your transcript, but not on your degree. The reason ASHA can’t be a minor is because it is not strictly course based: in order to qualify as a minor, 30 units must be taken. ASHA only offers 18 units total. However it is still an achievement and milestone because of the other requirements: the international experience, the honours designation, the second language, and the GPA requirements.


  • If I get accepted to ASHA, am I accepted to Honours?

No. You must apply for Honours through your home faculty and under your specific program requirements.

  • Where can I get information about honours?

Visit an arts or science advisor, and read the calendar.

International Exchange

  • Can I go to the USA, or Quebec for my international experience?

Yes, under certain circumstances. Please confirm with your ASHA advisor to map out further details of what might be expected of such an exchange. 

  • What is the minimum length for the international experience?

12 weeks.

  • Can I work or volunteer abroad instead of studying abroad?

Yes! Flexibility is available when meeting this requirement.

 SASHA and Cohorts

  • What is SASHA?

SASHA is a Students' Union sanctioned club that provides students with support, mentorship, and social activities to provide a sense of community throughout the different cohorts.

  • What is a cohort and why does it matter?

A cohort is the group of students that were admitted to the program at the same time, and will move through the trajectory of the program together. This is important because in class discussions gain a lot when students already know each other and are comfortable; also, it is an excellent chance to meet lifelong friends.


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