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ASHA Program Requirements

Submitted by kbaig on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 1:39am

ASHA is a demanding and rewarding addition to an Honours degree. It appears on students’ transcripts as a completed milestone upon successful completion of program requirements. To complete ASHA you must fulfil the following requirements: 

1. Required ASHA Courses

ASHA students must complete the five ASHA courses: ASHA 220, ASHA 321, ASHA 421, ASHA 501, and ASHA 503. These courses are only open to ASHA students. These courses can be applied to their degrees to satisfy the breadth requirements outside of the students’ home faculty; students from the Faculty of Arts can use the ASHA courses to satisfy their science requirements, and students from the Faculty of Science can use the ASHA courses to satisfy their arts requirements. To find out more, please visit the Course Information page

2. BA or BSc 

ASHA students must graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

3. Honours 

ASHA students must graduate with an Honours designation. Depending on their specific programs, students may take different steps towards earning an Honours degree. Most programs require an independent study project under a supervisor within their area of expertise that is at least one (1) semester in length (ie. completion of an Honours thesis). Other programs require students to take extra courses to receive Honours. To receive Honours designation students must also maintain a specific GPA. Typically, students must remain above a GPA cutoff of 3.3, but for some programs it may be higher. Students must plan with their home faculty and their specific program requirements for how they will complete their Honours degree.

For students in degree programs that do not have Honours designation available, an independent study project approved by the ASHA program director is the alternative requirement.

4. GPA 

ASHA students must maintain a GPA above 3.3. If a student drops below this cutoff, they are placed on probation and given the chance to improve. 

5. International Experience 

ASHA students must go abroad for a minimum of 12 weeks to study, work, or volunteer. Funding is available for students who are studying, and there are no ASHA courses in the third year to make this requirement more feasible.

6. Second Language 

ASHA students must take 6 units in a second language. This is to help prepare students for their time abroad, however this requirement can also be met while already studying abroad.

7. Annual Meeting  

ASHA students must meet annually with an academic advisor to ensure that they are on track for successful completion of the program. This meeting can occur in person, or over the phone. 

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