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ASHA study abroad

All students will participate in a study abroad or work abroad program for at least 12 consecutive weeks but may go abroad for up to a full year.

To help prepare students to be successful in this international experience abroad, all students in the Arts and Science Honours Academy will take at least two courses in a second language.

People who meet and interact with students who have had the opportunity to study in another country, culture, and often language are impressed by the way those students explain the complete change in their outlook and expectations for future study and careers. In an increasingly international world such experience gives the Arts and Sciences Honours Academy students a distinctive advantage in career choices. 

“The opportunity to travel as a student has made a huge difference in my life. The chance to learn on-site brings
a thrilling new level of reality and meaning to academic study, making concepts and theory relevant and vibrant.
I believe that the chance to encounter other cultures also shapes character; my foreign study experience in Italy
opened my eyes to my place in, and responsibility to the world outside the classroom.”

 ~ Lindsay Driediger-Murphy (BA Honours, Greek and Roman Studies),
Assistant Professor, Department of Classics and Religion, University of Calgary

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