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ArtsCast: Plug in with the Faculty of Arts

Here we will discuss the research projects and incredible work of our faculty members, the international experiences of our students on exchange programs, and much more!

From performing arts and the social sciences to economics, languages, psychology and geography, our faculty is vast, diverse, and fascinating. Let us share it with you.

Episode 8

John Ferris with his British Intelligence Research

History professor Dr. John Ferris was handpicked by the British government to chronicle the authorized history of its communications intelligence agency, GCHQ. Hear him discuss his recently published book on the subject, Behind the Engima.

Episode 7

Elizabeth Paris

Archaeology professor Dr. Elizabeth Paris discusses her recent discoveries on the business of stingless beekeeping in the Ancient Mayan world and how it reflects the Mayans' advanced understanding of the ecological importance of beekeeping.

Episode 6

Clinical psychologist Melanie Noel

Clinical psychologist Melanie Noel discusses the unreal depictions of pain in children's movies and TV shows and the negative impact this is having on our kids' real life pain management.

Episode 5

Alex Bierman

Sociology professor Dr. Alex Bierman discusses his newly published study examining the levels of social estrangement and psychological distress of Canadian workers and how's it risen dramatically in the wake of COVID-19.

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Episode 4: Two semesters in France for International Relations undergrad

With her eye on a career in International Law, undergraduate Miya Larsen, winner of the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship, awarded to students who wish to pursue studies in France, reflects on her lifechanging experience studying in Tours.

Episode 3: How Japanese Video Games reflect the social anxieties of Japan

Dr. Ben Whaley with the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures discusses the ways in which Japanese video games reflect the social anxieties of Japan, from the atomic bomb and the trauma of war to declining birthrates and the aging population.

Episode 2: Human and coyote conflict: Urban vs Rural

In this edition we discuss human and coyote conflicts in rural versus urban centres with international canid specialist Dr. Shelley Alexander from the Department of Geography.

Episode 1: The pros and cons of adopting 5G Wireless Technology

For our first edition Dr. Gregory Taylor, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film discusses the pros, cons, and impediments to adopting 5G, the next generation of wireless cellular technology. This episode was recorded in June 2019.

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