Strategic Planning Process

Our strategic planning process will gather information from our many constituents, through a range of methods, to create a five-year strategic plan for the Faculty of Arts (2023-2028).

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UCalgary Arts is a complex and rich milieu:

  • a diverse community of scholars and creators
  • a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs
  • dedicated staff and engaged students

What are we doing?

Our consultations will focus on individuals, the units within our faculty, and internal and external communities.

We will draw upon existing data to consider trends, and to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Why are we undertaking this planning process?

  • To foster a distinct Arts identity and build cohesion
  • To establish a clear Arts vision and direction
  • To align all aspects of the Faculty to work effectively together
  • To establish systematic and coherent resource allocation decisions 
  • To build relationships with, between and among our internal and external communities
  • To cultivate a workplace committed to collegiality and well-being

What will we do with the information we gather?

The information we gather will inform the creation of a strategic plan to better navigate the opportunities and challenges faced by our students, staff, faculty and communities

  1. We will identify desired outcomes that support the work of the Faculty of Arts and the communities we impact
  2. We will establish means or methods of achieving the desired outcomes identified through the information we gather

Have your say

We'll be gathering feedback on the following four areas

Comments or questions about this process?

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  • What areas of research should the Faculty of Arts build and support?
  • What would help us build research capacity?
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Teaching and Learning

  • How, and through what means, can we best equip our students for their future?
  • How can the Faculty of arts best support learning (students) and teaching (instructors)?
A graphical icon meant to represent communities. The graphic shows figures in a circle with lines connecting them


  • Who are the Faculty of Arts' internal and external communities?
  • With which communities does Arts need to create, build and/or maintain relationships?
A graphic meant to represent our operational environment. The image is of three gears in a system

Operational environment

  • What would most improve the Faculty of Arts' operational environment (defined as structures, policies and procedures) to support our work and each other?


Phase 1

Plan overview


Phase 2



Phase 3

Working groups

March to April

Phase 4

Synthesis, priorities, goals/objectives, metrics

May to June

Phase 5

Launch Strategic Plan


Phase 6

Implement Strategic Plan

Fall 2023 - 2028

Image of the 2017-22 Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan

Where have we come from?

Energizing Arts

The 2017-2022 Faculty of Arts Strategic Plan was built upon three priorities:

Learn more about Energizing Arts

University of Calgary Strategic Planning

Learn about the wider university strategies that will inform the work we will do.

UCalgary 2030

Our faculty plan is being built alongside UCalgary 2030, the update to the university’s strategic plan. Our work will be informed whenever possible by the consultations that are taking place within the university’s process.

Learn more about UCalgary 2030

Participate in UCalgary 2030

As a member of the university community, you can choose your level of involvement with the strategic planning process.

Find out how to participate in UCalgary 2030

Watch this space

Look to this page for more information about the plan as we continue to gather information, learn, create and launch our plan.