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Academic review

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 11/05/2014 - 2:31pm

Every year, at the end of the winter semester, students' academic standing is reviewed. The only students exempt from review are those who have completed fewer than three full-course equivalents since their last review.

  • To be in good standing, students much achieve a GPA of 2.0 or better on all courses taken since their last review.
  • Those previously in good standing whose GPA in the review year is less than 2.0, but above 1.7, will be placed on probation.
  • Those already on probation who clear 2.0 at the annual review also clear their probation.
  • Those already on probation who fail to clear 2.0 at the annual review will normally be required to withdraw from the Faculty.
  • All students whose GPA in the annual review is below 1.7 will normally be required to withdraw from the Faculty, regardless of their previous standing.

Students will be permitted a maximum of one probationary period while registered as undergraduates at the University of Calgary. Normally they will be required to withdraw rather than be placed on probation for a second time. (Probation as a criterion of admission to the Faculty is not counted in the total. Nor are probationary periods that occurred more than five years in the past.)

Students who are required to withdraw from any faculty of the University of Calgary, or any other post-secondary institution, will not normally be permitted to register in any courses for at least 12 months from the time the requirement to withdraw took effect. Readmission is not automatic. More information about what students need to do to be considered for readmission can be found in the academic calendar.

Available resources

There are resources available for all students with concerns about their GPA and academic standing pertaining to academic reviews. 

If you are concerned that your student standing may be affected by the Academic Review process, you need to proactively meet with a developmental specialist at the Students Success Centre as soon as possible to discuss possible strategies. Alternatively, you can also speak with a program advisor in the Arts Students' Centre. Be sure to ask about taking an Academic Turnaround Workshop.

* Note: Academic reviews can only be discussed in person and GPA information is never released over the phone.


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