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African Studies

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What is African Studies?

African Studies examines different aspects of African societies from historical and contemporary perspectives. It does this by integrating ideas from a variety of disciplines, including political science, sociology, fine arts, archaeology, anthropology, and biology. Courses cover areas such as: the performing and creative arts, tropical biology, the environment, archaeological sites and findings, politics and the economy, beliefs and lifestyles, and cultural traditions.

Students gain an insight into both the internal and external challenges that confront the people as well as the triumph of the human spirit. Students, therefore, gain critical skills for analyzing and functioning within African societies and in situations relating to the continent.

Degree options:

  • African Studies (minor)


Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
Earth Sciences Building, Room 620
618 Campus Place NW

P: 403.220.6516

Why study African Studies at the University of Calgary?

  • The integrated nature of the program helps to broaden students’ horizons about the continent.
  • The relatively small class sizes allow students to interact with experienced and committed professors who are always willing to engage with students.
  • Students also get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Africa by participating in the yearly field schools.

What can you do with an African Studies minor?

  • You can bring the skills and knowledge of your major field(s) to bear on specifically African issues and development processes.
  • You, therefore, have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and to enrich your own in the process.
  • You have an advantage for employment in governmental, non-governmental, academic, corporate, and international organizations that deal with Africa or African-related issues.