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ArtsNow - March 10, 2016

School of Creative and Performing Arts gets in on Juno spirit 
Join collective orchestra at Playing Our City March 12, and turn Calgary into one big instrument More »


Doctors can now predict duration of a child's concussion symptoms 
University researchers Keith Yeates and Stephen Freedman part of new Canada-wide concussion study More »



Arts Voices: For Gloria Steinem and her supporters, the fight goes on
Rebecca Sullivan, director of Women's Studies, talks to the Calgary Herald More »

Arts Voices: Calgary city council's Twitter shaming won't stop racism, says political scientist
Melanee Thomas, Department of Political Science, talks to CBC News More

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Upcoming Events
Mar 10: Archaeology beyond the academy talk: In search of the invisible. Creating tools for 21st century archaeology
Mar 11: When fiction becomes testimony of genocide (LRC Language of Literature Series presents) 
Mar 11: Visiting Artist: Lisa Lipton - Impossible Blues
Mar 11: ACIR Roundtable discussion: Field methods and technology used by consulting archaeologists
Mar 11: Transcultural Immigrant Entrepreneurship: A study of Chinese dominance in the grocery retail sector in Panama and Belize
Mar 11: Philosophy Speakers ALUMNI SERIES: William Lyons (Trinity College Dublin), "Philosophy, Drama and Philosophical Drama"
Mar 11: Department of Economics Seminar - Koichiro Ito
Mar 11: Russian Масленица ('Butter Week') Celebration
Mar 11: Grad Recital: Jonathan Gresl
Mar 11: How Islam has reconfigured status and leadership in prison
Mar 11-12: 25th Anniversary History of Medicine Days
Mar 15: Special lecture (psychology) w/ Harvey M. Sussman
Mar 15-19: Window
Mar 16: Integration and inequality in the gaybourhood
Mar 16: Department of Economics seminar w/ Safoura Moeeni
Mar 16: Department of Psychology seminar w/ Rob Sutherland
Mar 16: Ethnoracial diversity in the urban north: A focus on Anchorage, Alaska
Mar 16: Dante's Divine Comedy: The Great Poem of Christian Europe
Mar 16: Koto - Japanese Culture Series 2016
Mar 16: Arctic Speaker Series 2015-16 w/Peter Dawson: Science and Survival at Fort Conger: A virtual exhibition of 19th century polar exploration
Mar 16: Awakening from the illusion of our separation: A Buddhist perspective on the ecological crisis
... events continued
Mar 17: Junior recital: Daniel Dastoor
Mar 17-19: Mainstage Dance
Mar 18: ACIR Roundtable discussion: Laboratory methods: In house and external procedures
Mar 18: Visiting artist: Sandra Vida
Mar 18: How archaeological evidence bites back: Putting old data to work in new ways
Mar 18: Department of Economics seminar: Wojciech Kopczuk
Mar 18: Senior Recital: Jonathan Yeoh
Mar 19: 9th Annual Chiniki Lecture: Indigenous women in narratives and film
Mar 19: Classical Voice: Raise your Voice
More events: 

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