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Admissions: Arts and Science Honours Academy

Applying to the Arts and Science Honours Academy is a three-part process. Students must:

1) Submit an online application form, which includes an essay submission (topics change yearly).

Write short essays (500-600 words) on each of the following topics:
1. Choose a writer (of any description) whom you particularly enjoy and have been influenced by, explain why.
2. Argue for or against the following statement:
The discovery of seven earth-like planets in orbit around the red dwarf star named Trappist is exciting. Three of them are in the inhabitable zone, which suggests the possibility of finding life 40 light years away from earth. In a world of limited resources, should humanity accelerate the funding of research in the search for extraterrestrial life or should more resources be put into feeding the hungry?

2) Download the character and academic reference form and give it to two references to fill out. Once your references have completed the form, they should send it directly to or via fax to 403-210-6335.

3) Download the school report form and give it to your high school to fill out. Once your high school has completed the form, it should send it directly to or via fax to 403-210-6335.

Online application form

Questions? Please contact

Please Note:
Students accepted into the ASHA program will need to register in ASHA 220A in Fall 2017 and ASHA 220B in Winter 2018. These courses will be held on Tuesday/Thursday from 12:30-1:45pm. Applicants should take this into consideration when registering for courses.

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