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Changing your program

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 11/04/2014 - 6:55pm

What is a Change of Program?

A "Change of Program" applies to students already admitted to the University of Calgary. It is not the same as applying for admission to the university.

How do you submit a Change of Program?

Whether you are an undecided student first declaring your degree program or you are a student in a degree program who has decided to alter your current program, a Change of Program application must be submitted. In most cases, this application can be completed through your online Student Centre . Generally the exception to this is if you are applying to change your program to a combination not normally allowed within the faculty.

Programs in Arts are flexible and designed to allow you to customize and enrich your academic career. You can add minors, compound your degree with double majors or combined programs, or add experiential value with co-operative education. Each of these classify as a Change in Program and any admissions criteria must be met.

If you are currently not a student in the Faculty of Arts but are wishing to change your program to one within this faculty, you will still need to submit a Change of Program application through your Student Centre. You will be required to meet the admission criteria for the Faculty of Arts including high school courses and GPA requirements. 

Normally, changes of program are submitted for the fall semesters. For certain programs, you may be able to change your program for the winter semester.



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