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Performance and Business Interdisciplinary Working Group 2018-19

The Intersection of Performance and Business:
Research Working Group to Explore Performance Theory in Business Communications

This working group brings together performance and business researchers to explore ritualized business communications through the lens of performance theory. In monthly workshop-style meetings, we will consider business practices that can be fruitfully analyzed as ritual or performance. Each meeting will introduce and combine a different performance framework with business data so that participants as a group can explore applications and insights from the intersection of these distinct academic traditions. Examples include the performative aspects of business pitch competitions, the use of “scriptive things” in experiential retail spaces like Apple or Ikea stores, ritualization in brand-building mega-events such as Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference, and the performance of self in networking events where business professionals must engage in impression management. The goal will be to create bridges between two academic disciplines that historically have been divided. In doing so, the group aims to challenge performance researchers to broaden their perspectives on where and how performance occurs, and to challenge business researchers to deepen their insight into the dynamics of business performances beyond the current, largely a-theoretical prescriptions found in the business research literature. We invite faculty and students who are interested in participating to contact the co-organizers.

Dr. Alice de Koning, Senior Instructor, Haskayne School of Business (
Dr. Joy Palacios, Assistant Professor, Department of Classics and Religion (

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