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Please join us for the next public meeting of the Calgary History of Medicine Society (CHoMS)

Please join us for next public meeting of the Calgary History of Medicine Society (CHoMS)

Lesley Bolton will be Presenting to the Calgary History of Medicine Society:
Mustio’s Gynaecia: mentoring midwives for many a century

Monday, February 27, 2017, 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Rose and Nightingale Rooms, TRW – 3rd Floor

Many will know Soranus of Ephesus as the foremost authority on women’s and children’s healthcare in the ancient world. Yet, Soranus’ great work, the Gynecology, scarcely survived. It was the work of his ‘translator’, Mustio, that would carry Soranus’ influence down through the centuries to the Early Modern Period. But Mustio was not merely a translator; he reworked the Gynecology into a practical handbook for the education of midwives, even the scarcely literate ones. In terms of stylistic method, subject matter and intended audience, this is a unique medical text in ancient writing, yet one that has attracted little modern research.

Please see the poster for more details!

Bio:Lesley Bolton, PhD, received her graduate degrees in Greek and Roman Studies from the University of Calgary. Her research area is ancient medicine, with a particular focus on women’s healthcare, and female practitioners and authors. She is currently a sessional instructor in the Classics and Religion department at the University of Calgary, where she teaches Ancient Technology, Latin and Medical Terminology.

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