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Populism and the Politics of Truth

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities and the Latin American Research Centre are pleased to present Dr. Jon Beasley-Murray, "Populism and the Politics of Truth"

FRIDAY 17 MARCH 2017 | 3.30 PM |  BI 561


We are told that we are perhaps entering a “post-truth” age populated by “alternative facts,” and that this has led somehow to events such as the Brexit vote in the UK and Trump’s election in the USA.  It is suggested that we then need to return to the certainty of truth to counter this new populist threat.  By contrast, however, this talk argues, first, that a preoccupation with veracity misses the point of contemporary politics—and perhaps politics per se.  Drawing on a Latin American tradition that has (from the Left) long problematized what is meant by truth in politics, it goes on to suggest that we can either have truth or we can have democracy, but not both.


Jon Beasley-Murray is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia and the author of                           Posthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America.


The Lecture is Free and Open to the Public


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