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Charles Tepperman


Annual Fellow 2016-17


Charles Tepperman is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. Tepperman has published articles on early cinema in Canada and on non-theatrical film culture and technology. He is the author of Amateur Cinema: The Rise of North American Moviemaking, 1923-1960.

Research Activities: 

Film Production Culture in Canada: Case Study of a Creative Producer

This project initiates a consideration of Canada’s film production culture by focusing on the role of the producer. Studies of Canadian cinema have traditionally examined prominent directors, government institutions, and questions of national identity, ignoring the immediate contexts of film production – and the role of the producer, in particular – almost entirely. And yet producers play a critical role in Canadian filmmaking by navigating financial and cultural considerations, assembling key creative ingredients (from actors and directors to script source material), and facilitating the film’s national and transnational circulation. Using Canada’s most commercially successful film producer as a case study, this project adapts new methodologies from studies of film industries elsewhere to a Canadian context, examines a range of textual, archival, and filmic source materials, and generates new insights about the role of the producer in Canadian cinema.

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