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Cheryl Dueck


Annual Fellow 2015-16


Cheryl Dueck is Associate Professor of German in the Department of Linguistics, Languages and Cultures at the University of Calgary. She has published on GDR and post-unification German literature and culture, and more recently on German and Central European cinema. She is an active member of regional and national German teachers associations and is a past president of the Canadian Association of Teachers of German.

Research Activities: 

National Pasts, Transnational Presence: Post-Communist Cinemas of Central Europe

This project seeks to gain understanding of the cinematic response to post-communist transition in Central Europe, where both the means of film production and the thematic content of films have been affected by the societal rupture since the collapse of socialism in 1989-90. I will make the case that there has been a shift from the national to the transnational in cultural identity and memory in cinema of the region, as precipitated by the dismantling of nationalized film production, the rise of funding bodies developed to foster pan-European cultural policy and European identity, and the necessity of audiences from multiple nations and cultures. In 2015, I will engage with local elements of the transnational audience, namely Central European diaspora communities in Calgary through public screenings and panel discussions. I will analyze 1) remembrance and national myths on screen (Hungarian Uprising, Prague Spring, Solidarnosc and the Fall of the Berlin Wall), and 2) the artistic decisions that serve to make film stories of the secret police in socialist countries appealing to varied cultural audiences.

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