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Joshua Whitehead


Graduate Student Fellow 2018-19


Joshua Whitehead is a Doctoral Student in the Department of English at the University of Calgary. After he started graduate studies in Indigenous literature at the University of Calgary, Talonbooks published his debut poetry collection Full-Metal Indigiqueer in 2017. His debut novel, Johnny Appleseed, was published by Arsenal Pulp Press in 2018.


Feral Fatalisms: An Indigiqueer Manifesto
In our post-Residential, pro-TRC cultural moment we bear witness and are account-able to a wave of ninety-four calls to action, all of which make Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer livelihoods and politics peripheral. My project aims to answer two primary questions: what is the hi/story of Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer peoples when removed from the romantic, anthropologic, and literary domain of the assigned term “berdache”? And how do we self-define within our communities when those communities adopt heteropatriarchy as tradition? My project braids together Western schools of theory, mainly queer theory and affect studies, with decolonial and Indigenous (nehiywak/Cree) epistemologies and languages in order to etch out space for queerness and Indigeneity to work across boundaries, borders, and bodies of literature. I label my project a manifesto as this form allows me to fuse together critical analysis and oral storytelling to allow a more holistic, land and cultural based approach to reading and writing theory.

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