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Arts Co-op Mentorship Program - Mentees

The Arts Co-op Mentorship Program connects new Co-op students to senior or alumni Co-op students to support them through the Co-op process by sharing insights, expertise and attend networking events together. Once accepted into the Co-op program, students are given the opportunity to participate in the Co-op Mentorship program. Junior students are able to gain insight and support from their more experienced peers and senior students are able to practice important leadership skills through their participation in the program.

Time Commitment

The mentorship program runs annually from January to December with a Kick-Off event at the start of each year. Assigned mentorship partnerships are required to attend the event and create a mentorship partnership agreement which will outline the goals and details of each relationship. It is encouraged for partners to meet at least 3 times throughout the year (once per semester) in order to engage actively in their roles as mentor/mentee.


Co-op students who have completed at least two work terms and have the recommendation of their Co-op coordinator, as well as recent graduates from the Co-op program are qualified to be mentors in the Co-op Mentorship program. The mentorship program is a great way for those who have benefitted from the Co-op program to give back and maintain ties with the campus community. Mentors are able to share their experiences in the Co-op program to provide insight on everything from job searching, networking, interviews, and workplace success to a student who needs guidance with the process of finding, securing and succeeding in their first work term.


Students who have recently joined the Co-op program or Co-op students who have yet to secure their first work term are encouraged to join the Co-op Mentorship program as a mentee. Mentees are paired with a senior mentor who has practical experience in line with the mentee’s career goals and interests. Mentees are able to gain useful insight into the logistics of their desired career field as well as practical job search advice on topics such as networking, resume and cover letter writing and interviews. Students who have participated in the mentorship program in past years have experienced job placement success faster than Co-op students who do not participate in the program. 

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact the Co-op team via