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Work term requirements

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 10/09/2015 - 5:33pm

On a work term

  • By third week of placement submit Learning Goals to D2L
  • Book a site visit with your supervisor and coordinator through CareerLink
  • Learn as much as possible, be professional, and grow your network of contacts
  • Complete site visit with your coordinator to discuss the progress of your work term
  • Thank co-workers and supervisors for experience

End-of-term requirements

    • All requirements are to be submitted to D2L where complete details are provided
    • Reflective Analysis Report (2000-2500 words)
    • Updated resume
    • Program Evaluation – online form 
    • Graphic slide to represent your term
    • Integrative Session attendance – held in the evening after each work term
    • Student Assessment – completed by employer

Additional Notes

    • Learning goals, site visits, completion of a reflective report, program evaluation, employer assessment and Integrative Session attendance are necessary to receive credit (not a GPA value) for the co-op course. 
    • Co-op work terms are in addition to your academic requirements and do not lessen the number of courses required to complete your degree
    • You can withdraw from co-op before or between work terms without penalty

Contact us

The co-op education office is located in the Arts Students' Centre, on the first floor of the Social Sciences building.

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