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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 3:55pm

If you are an international student considering the co-op program, or have already been accepted into the program, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Work permits

If you are an international student in the co-op program, you must apply for a co-op work permit. This permit allows you to work in Canada as a co-op student, and by applying as soon as you join the program, it will prevent any delays once you find your co-op work term placement. The co-op work permit is a free application, but the application process time can be lengthy so applying as soon as possible is recommended. You will need to attend a session about co-op work permits offered regularly through the University of Calgary International office.  

Apply for a work permit


International student fees

All international students are required to pay a differential fee. The required additional fees must be paid at the same time as the regular tuition and general fees. Failure to pay the additional tuition fee by the deadlines prescribed for receipt of all fees will result in cancellation of the international student's registration and admission to the University of Calgary.

International students whose immigration status changes will be required to provide proof of new status before the change in fee assessment will be made. A change in a student's immigration status will not alter the student's fee assessment unless notification is submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline date for payment of fees for the session.

Note: Applicants who are in Canada on a Work Permit or dependents of persons on a Work Permit are required to pay these additional fees (unless the dependents are Canadians or Landed Immigrants).

Learn more about international student fees



The University of Calgary International (UCI) office and International Student Services (ISS) offer information sessions and resources to help set up students for success when they are seeking opportunities internationally, as well as opportunities for international students. 

University of Calgary International

International Student Services

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The co-op education office is located in the Arts Students' Centre, on the first floor of the Social Sciences building.

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