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How Should We Teach Religion?

Date & Time:
March 7, 2016 | 7:30 pm
Holy Cross Anglican Church - 2828 19th St NW, Calgary
Douglas H. Shantz, Professor of Christian Thought

The Swanson Lecture in Christian Spirituality: How Should We Teach Religion?

In this talk, Professor Shantz reflects on his experience of teaching the Christian Religion within the University over the last 30 years. He considers changes in students, in the discipline of religious studies, and in universities over that time. He shows why the study of Religions belongs in the university, and what it can offer students, churches, and society at large.

Douglas H. Shantz, PhD has held the Chair of Christian Thought at the University of Calgary since 1999. During that time he has invited leading
scholars from Europe and North America to Calgary to address some of the pressing ethical, social, and religious issues of our day. Dr. Shantz has
published articles and books on early modern Protestant groups and movements that gave rise to evangelical religion in our own day. His books
include Christian Thought in the Twenty-first Century (2012) and An Introduction to German Pietism (2013).

Lecture by Douglas H. Shantz, PhD
Professor of Christian Thought
Department of Classics and Religion
University of Calgary

Response by Tinu Ruparell, PhD
Head, Department of Classics and Religion
University of Calgary