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Hone your research skills and delve deeper into a topic that you're passionate about. Graduate with distinction. 

An honours degree involves advanced research and study in your undergraduate program. It is an enhancement to your degree that gives you the opportunity to explore a topic of interest at another level.

A common misconception is that an honours degree is awarded based solely on high grade point averages (GPA), similar to practices at the high school level. However, at the university level, honours is a distinct degree program that students must apply for. The program has additional course material, generally including an honours thesis/seminar course. To be awarded an honours degree, all requirements must be completed including meeting all GPA


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Why complete an honours degree program?

The honours degree programs offered at  the Faculty of Arts are a great way to participate in an extended research project in an area of interest. Students will hone their research and analytic skills, and will work to a high performance standard. 

Honours programs are particularly good preparation for graduate school, but offer many benefits to any degree.

Which programs offer an honours component?

More than two dozen programs at the Faculty of Arts offer the option of adding an honours component. 

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Who can do an honours program?

To qualify for an honours degree program in the Faculty of Arts, you must:

  • Be registered in a Faculty of Arts major program

  • Meet minimum GPA requirements on all courses subject to assessment. The minimum GPA is 3.30 and may be higher in certain programs

  • Have completed between 5.0 and 12.5 full course equivalents by the end of the Winter term in the year that the student applies. Students may also be required to have completed a minimum number of courses or particular courses within the major field. The actual number of courses required may vary between programs and should be confirmed by checking the program details section of the academic calendar.

  • If applicable to the program, program consent may be required and students must satisfactorily complete any additional application requirements as listed in the program details section of the academic calendar. Consultation with a program advisor is strongly recommended

When should I apply?

The course requirements prior to admission into an honours program vary greatly depending on the degree, but generally speaking, students should apply as early in their program as possible. 

We strongly recommend making an appointment to speak with a program advisor at the Arts Students' Centre about whether an honours program is a good fit for you.

Are there application deadlines?

Yes. Application deadlines fall between March 1 and May 1 annually. The exact date depends on the program of interest. Therefore, students should meet with their program's respective honours coordinator well in advance of March 1. The honours coordinator for your program of interest can be found by contacting your program's department

How do I apply?

Prior to apply for an hours program, we strongly recommend making an appointment to speak with a program advisor at the Arts Students' Centre, as well as consulting the honours coordinator for your program's department. These advisors can help you determine which courses you need to complete an honours program. 

Once you've met with an advisor, you will apply for an honours program through your respective program's department, prior to the department's stated deadline. Browse Faculty of Arts departments.

Here's how to apply for a general undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Arts.

Adding a concentration in dance and art (similar to honours)

Depending on your program, you may have the option of adding a concentration to your degree. Concentrations appear on your student transcript, but not on your degree parchment.

The Department of Dance and the Department of Art both offer their students the opportunity to add a concentration to their programs. In Visual Studies you may concentrate your degree in Studio or Developmental Art. For the Studio Concentration, a portfolio of your work is required. The concentrations require that you maintain a 3.00 GPA.

  • Dance
    The Choreography and Performance Concentration provides a focused, pre-professional training in dance as a creative art form. It is intended for the student who wishes to become a professional creative and/or performing artist. The course work involves greater depth in the study of improvisation, choreographic structures, design, and performance technique. The program culminates with a final senior project requiring students to assume creative and production responsibility for a significant choreographic and/or performance work. Students who are interested in the Choreography and Performance Concentration must audition prior to beginning their third year in the BA Dance program.


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