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Submitted by admin on Mon, 2006-10-23 10:11

The Arts IT is responsible for the computing systems of the Faculty of Arts departments, programs, research institutes and affiliated groups within the faculty. Our support team provides technical support for all Faculty, Staff and Graduate students in the faculty, along with supporting all computer labs.

We provide techical support for all hardware and software related issues for University owned computer systems in these Faculties, as well as support for personal systems owned by Faculty, Staff or Graduate students which are used on campus.

Eligible staff and faculty can also receive access to our network file servers which we provide for use either a primary file storage location, or for backup storage for your University computer system. 

If you are looking into purchasing a new computer system for use on campus, we encourage you to contact us and we can guide you to obtain a system that meets your needs, and is compatible with the University, and the Faculty computer network.