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The Urban Studies Research Group (now UCCities - Global Urban Research Group at UCalgary), was created in 2014 out of a growing need to coordinate research among the faculty participating in the Urban Studies Program. The group is formed by several members of the core faculty of various departments with the Faculty of the Arts, including Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Archaeology/Anthropology as well as the EVDS faculty. Its main aims are: (1) creating a platform for exchange and collaboration between faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students and urban practitioners; (2) fostering and facilitating collaborative research, publication and grant application; as well as (3) strengthening and enhancing the existing undergraduate Urban Studies Program. 

The work of the group members strongly aligns with the University’s Human Dynamics in a Changing World Research Strategy and its vision of the University of Calgary as one of Canada’s top five research universities. In 2016, the Urban Studies Research Group was one of five research groups across the University to be funded through the Vice-President Research's Human Dynamics Research Strategy  for a three-year research project on "The Social and Environmental Implications of Smart Cities: A Global Comparative Research Agenda" and was successful in securing further grants.  For more information please visit the website