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There is a growing faith that information and communications technologies (ICTs) can stimulate urban development and improve cities. Despite the ubiquity of this “smart city” revolution, the social and environmental implications of this phenomenon are not well understood. As with all technological systems, smart cities are socio-technical systems that are shaped by, and shape, social and political relationships. The diffusion, adaptation, and adoption of any socio-technical system is always embedded in a web of social relationships that ultimately determines the degree to which the system is embraced, adapted, adopted, and/or resisted. We aim to place the University of Calgary at the centre of an emerging research agenda on the social and environmental implications of smart city initiatives by building the research capacity needed to conduct rigorous comparative analysis of smart city initiatives around the world. 

Drawing from the extensive expertise of our research team, we conceptualize this research project as spanning five core comparative sub-themes:

  1. Policy Mobility, Adaptation, and Culture
  2. Governance
  3. Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Sustainability
  5. Risk

Social Justice and the Smart City Interdisciplinary Working Group 2018-19 | Website

The Social Justice and the Smart City working group focuses on cross-disciplinary inquiry into the social and environmental justice implications of smart city technologies, policies, and practices. Our goal is to support interdisciplinary research and facilitate the development of a scholarly community through reading groups, writing feedback, and guest speakers.