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- AMF/Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine

Through the activities of this professorship, an increase in the understanding for the scope and limits of modern medicine shall be reached and its relations to the changing social and cultural contexts will be rendered more visible

- Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program  

The Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program (ASIP) invites ten Albertans each year to participate in an internship with the esteemed
Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest consortium of museums located in Washington, D.C. 

- Tamaratt Teaching Professorship in Geoscience 

Tamaratt Teaching Professor Glenn Dolphin's personal portfolio. This website contains research and projects related to Geoscience, courses and links to other Earth Sciences sites.

Energy In Society Working Group

The Energy in Society (EISresearch group is interested in creating a community of energy scholars in the humanities and social sciences on the UofC, and to create collaborations with, and learn from engineers, natural scientists, health researchers and many others who were actively engaged in the energy field.

History of the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine

This website is a portion of the greater research project, “The History of the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine, 1970-2020 – Its First Fifty Years as a New Medical School in the Province of Alberta” that is currently being researched and written at the University of Calgary (in the Departments of Community Health Science and History). 

History of Neuroscience Interest Group (HONIG)