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Welcome to the Language Research Centre!

The Language Research Centre (LRC) is an interdisciplinary hub of language, teaching and research. The LRC features several research groups, speaker series and other engaging academic events, and provides classrooms, meeting and study space for students.


The LRC proudly presents, the return of the Speaker Series (2018-19)


Lectures are held on Fridays from 3:00 until 4:00 p.m. in the Language Research Centre (CHD 420), unless otherwise specified.

Looking forward to another great year of talks! 



Friday, January 11         3:00pm     CHD420                       
Colin Phillips (University of Maryland): "The Relation Between Speaking and Understanding"                                    
Friday, February 1 3:00pm CHD420 Pavel Trofimovich (Concordia University):
"Individual, contextual, and interactive factors in second language comprehensibility"
Friday, March 1 3:00pm CHD420 Pierre Frath (l'Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne):
Friday, March 8                                          
Kohei Saito (Osaka City University): "Karl Marx's Ecosocialism in his Ecological Notebooks"         
Friday, March 29                                           3:00pm                   CHD420                Trent Portigal: "What's Wrong with Modern Heroism?"


February 15                    
Sarah Eaton and Roswita Dressler (Werklund School of Education): Multilingual Essay Mills: Understanding Contract Cheating among Second Language Learners


March 22 Showcasing Faculty Members’ Research Work and Teaching Innovations
April 16 Literature Symposium
TBA Annual Student Poster Symposium (in tandem with the SLLLC Graduate Forum)


Working Group Meeting Schedules (2018-19)

The LRC working groups are back for another year of lively discussion and shared research interests.



Reports from the 2017-18 Speaker Series

Rüdiger Singer (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
"Private Eye Nick Knatterton; or, How the Germans Learned to Love the Speech Bubble"

Dr. Peter Siemund (University of Hamburg)
"From Multilingualism to Bilingualism: Singaporean Students' Language Repertoires and Attitudes"

Christina Yi (University of British Columbia)
"Colonizing language: Japanese-language Literature in Imperial Japan and Beyond"









Cercle Benveniste

Les rencontres du Cercle Benveniste sont un forum de discussion ouvert à toute personne s’intéressant à la linguistique où l’on échange et débat des questions relatives aux sciences du langage. Il s’agit, en quelque sorte, d’une école péripatéticienne où les participants peuvent – justement et à l’instar d’Émile Benveniste – se promener dans les différents recoins de la discipline et en interroger les zones d’ombre, les aprioris, les impasses ; bref, explorer différents aspects du langage, à la recherche de Problèmes de linguistique générale.

Individual, contextual, and interactive factors in second language comprehensibility