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The Language Research Centre (LRC) provides leadership in research into language acquisition, learning and teaching, the effective use of technologies, and policy-making. It is a central point of contact on language research between the University of Calgary and the world.

The LRC is a hub of language activity created to optimize the intellectual resources available from numerous departments on campus and to build bridges to our community.

The LRC offers a world-class environment for language education. Effective language education means a better understanding of how we acquire and process language, but also how language functions as part of culture and literature. The University of Calgary experience provides this level of integration to our students, facilitated by the best technology, the most advanced language-learning materials, and taught by internationally recognized scholars.

Joint Initiative

The Language Research Centre (LRC) in the Faculty of Arts is a joint initiative at the University of Calgary that includes the Faculty of Arts (School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures) and the Faculty of Education.


Membership in the LRC is free and open to members of the academic and non-academic communities. Click here for a document that outlines membership.