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Christina Yi on "Colonizing Language"

Dr. Christina Yi (Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese Literature, UBC)
"Colonizing Language: Japanese-Language Literature in Imperial Japan and Beyond"

Friday, November 24, 2017 (3:00 pm in CHD 420)
Attendees: 12 people (8 faculty members and 4 graduate students)



Dr. Yi’s talk examined linguistic nationalism in the form of the distinction between “Japanese” (Nihongo) and a “National Language” (Kokugo). She discussed this trend in relation to forced language education and the formation of imperial subjects in Taiwan and Korea during Japan’s 15-Year War (1931–45). Dr. Yi included textual analyses of several Japanese-language essays that advocated for changing the Japanese language in an effort to resist a resurgence of imperialism during the postwar period.
The talk was based on Dr. Yi’s upcoming monograph from Columbia University Press and was insightful for both scholars of literary studies and language studies more broadly.