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Keith Yeates is co-investigator on study at Alberta Children’s Hospital to monitor injury and recovery timelines >
Aidan Hollis (Economics) is a principal investigator n a team that will examine the use of “near to patient” diagnostic tools for C. difficile >
Sheri Madigan, Psychology, writing in The Conversation Canada >
Sheri Madigan, Psychology, writing in The Conversation Canada >
Interactive visualization of Calgary shows which neighbourhoods are better to breathe in than others >
Sheri Madigan and study co-authors write in The Conversation Canada >
John Ferris owes the distinction to his pioneering work in technical aspects of signals intelligence >
Building on the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22, both plans emphasize student experience and impact, and drive innovation >
Researchers and Indigenous community members work toward a common goal >
Deadline to submit abstracts for Peer Beyond Graduate Research Symposium is Feb. 5 >
In response to Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan, researchers will work to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas sector >
Students, faculty and staff invited to town hall Feb. 8 >
Most-read stories of the year highlight the impact of University of Calgary researchers in the community >
The University of Calgary Centre for Smart Emissions Sensing Technologies, led by Chris Hugenholtz (Geography), is one of two projects supported >
Plan part of Canada Research Chairs Program Equity, Diversity and Inclusion requirements >