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Brent Else, Geography, and other UCalgary researchers seek the answers >
Yannick Griep’s five-year study points to latent benefits of work when retirees volunteer at least once a week >
An Arts researcher looks outside his discipline to protect the world’s fresh water supply >
Judy Anderson bridges the generation gap with an artistic fusion of contemporary graffiti and traditional beadwork >
Research into the effects of marketing and food packaging on the diets of children is making an impact around the world >
Petra Dolata’s research reveals how heavily decisions of the past influence today’s energy industry >
Study led by Scott Jasechko shows that over half of global groundwater is more than 12,000 years old >
Learn more about the Cluny Fortified Village in the Blackfoot Crossing National Historical Park, the site of the upcoming Alumni Archaeology Adventure >
AnneMarie Dorland to share how social science research is guiding practical solutions outside of academia >
Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot recognized as Peak Scholar for impact of her work in the community >
Forty studies with more than 90,000 participants reviewed in meta-analysis co-authored by researcher Sheri Madigan >
Growing energy efficiency platform maps heat loss in over 600,000 Alberta homes >
Markin undergrad research program to showcase Karen Tang's research at mini-symposium April 7 >
National Film Board's Studio D central to the study of feminist arts and media >
UCalgary researchers develop innovative techniques and treatments to tackle debilitating illness >