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School of Creative and Performing Arts

The School of Creative and Performing Arts is home to the programs dance, drama, and music, as well as University Theatre Services. Offering seven undergraduate and four graduate degree programs, the school is a lively community of practicing artists, scholars and students. More than 200 performances are presented each year in its world-class performance venues.

Learn more about programs offered at the School of Creative and Performing Arts:

> School of Creative and Performing Arts website 

School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures

Join us in the new School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures and expand your mind, increase your employability and prepare yourself to be a competent and enlightened citizen of the world.

Learning options

Undergraduate degrees, minors and courses

  • Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures (courses)
  • Chinese (minor)
  • East Asian Language Studies (BA) *
  • East Asian Studies (BA, minor) *
  • French (BA, minor) *
  • FLIP - French Language Instruction Program (courses)
  • Concurrent BA/BEd in French and Education
  • German (BA, minor) *
  • Italian Studies (BA, minor) *
  • Japanese (minor)
  • Linguistics (BA, minor) *
  • Speech-Language Sciences (minor – LING and PSYC majors only)
  • Applied Linguistics (concentration – LING majors only)
  • Speech-Language Sciences (concentration – LING majors only)
  • Linguistics and Language (BA)  *
  • Russian (BA, minor) *
  • Spanish (BA, minor) *
  • Concurrent BA/BEd in Spanish and Education

* co-op, honours, or co-op and honours options available. Please speak to an advisor to discuss your opportunities.

Graduate degrees

> Visit the school website

View program requirements

> View program requirements in French and Spanish
> View program requirements in German
> View program requirements in Linguistics
> View program requirements in Language, Linguistics and Culture (coming soon)