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Calgary Distinguished Writers Program

The Calgary Distinguished Writers Program strives to advance the careers of Canadian writers, invigorate the Calgary writing community, and enhance the activities of the Faculty of Arts and the Department of English. The popular program hosts two annual residency programs: one for an emerging Canadian writer, and one for a distinguished writer of international stature.

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Calgary Institute for the Humanities

The Calgary Institute for the Humanities fosters high-level humanities research. It is home to a robust fellowship program and a number of targeted research initiatives, and actively engages the greater community by sharing groundbreaking research.

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Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies

The Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies is a research centre at the university, with ties to the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence. Drawing from a variety of disciplines, it is one of the leading centres of Excellence in Military and Strategic Studies in North America, and has a meaningful impact on defence and security issues in Canada and internationally.

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Centre for Research in the Fine Arts

The Centre for Research in the Fine Arts (CRFA) fosters innovative research in the visual and performing arts within the Faculty of Arts, awarding small grants in support of creative and scholarly research, whether individual or collaborative, disciplinary or interdisciplinary.

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French Centre

Le Centre français a pour mandat la promotion de la langue française et des cultures francophones sur le campus de l'université de Calgary. 

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Language Research Centre

The Language Research Centre provides leadership in language research and is a world-class environment for language education. It focuses on language acquisition, teaching and learning, the effective use of technologies, and policy-making. The centre is a hub on campus that connects the resources of various departments, and builds bridges to the greater community. 

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Latin American Research Centre

The Latin American Research Centre brings together researchers from diverse disciplines and faculties to collaborate on research relevant to Latin America. The university has a long history of engagement in the region, and the research centre fosters research relevant to the academic, business, government and global communities, including public policy research on current issues.

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