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Graduate Student Poster Symposium 2013

Graduate students from across campus working on language acquisition and its implications will take part in our annual graduate student poster symposium on May 2, 2013, from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m.   



Veronica Allen, French, Italian and Spanish Production et prononciation des consonnes  liquides [R] et [l] du francais standard chez des apprenants non francophones.  Le cas d'un cours de phonologie a l'Universite de Calgary
Svitlana Filonik, Linguistics Derivation of Adjectives from Ukrainian Appositional and Dvandva Compounds
Sarah Greer, Linguistics A cross-generational investigation of voice quality in women
Brianna Hilman, Education ‘Not Yet Bilingual”: A Case Study of a Health Professional Grappling with Language Proficiency, Credential Recognition and Identity
Hidir Karul, Language Research Centre Citizenship and Social Identity
Vibha Kaushik, Germanic, Slavic and East Asian Studies German for English speakers: The use of L1 in L2 vocabulary learning
JeongEun Lee, Linguistics An innate constraint on regular plural non-heads: A masked priming study on the acquisition of phrasal compounds by Canadian English speakers and Korean learners
Blake Lewis, Linguistics The distribution and use of aahk- in Kainai Blackfoot
Danica MacDonald, Linguistics Learning English Questions: Second language acquisition of intonation
Catie Philips, Psychology Behavioural and Eye Gaze Analyses of Children's Appreciation of Antonymy
Miwako Tateishi, Linguistics Does ultrasound training lead to improved perception of a non-native sound contrast?: Evidemce from Japanese learners of English
Annemie Treier, French, Italian and Spanish "Nana,f emme punie?" (Nana, a punished woman?")
J. Windsor and J. Cobler, Linguistics A unified analysis of three phrase-final phenomena in Blackfoot
Brock Wojtalewicz, Education Corpus-based Lexical Profiling for Upper Elementary Learners