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Abstract: Allen

This thesis and research project focuses on the pronunciation of non-francophone students at the university level, enrolled in a phonology course by analyzing the oral production of two phonemes of Standard French, [R] and [l], with the objective of determining if their pronunciation is closer to that of a native pronunciation. We propose to analyze a corpus of learners enrolled in the course FREN 489.01 and a control group of students not registered in this course by using recorded speech samples, questionnaires and an evaluation of each recording by a group of francophones.  We also propose a comparative study of the results gathered from the study group and the control group with the aim to determine whether the course of phonology helped learners to improve their pronunciation. Finally, we explore the implications of this study in the field of teaching / learning of second languages. Learning the basics of a language and the differences between their L1 and their L2, students can continue to deepen their connection and understanding of culture and its language in both oral and written formats. Moreover, in the course of phonology, they learn the relationship between the pronunciation of the spoken word and the written word.