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Abstract: Van Hees

Mapping the Brain Mechanisms of Naming-Treatment Post-Stroke

Impaired naming is one of the most common difficulties in people with aphasia, and is therefore a major focus of therapy in the rehabilitation of language post-stroke. Such therapy typically employs tasks that focus on word meaning (semantics) and/or word form (phonology), in order to target the major cognitive components involved in word retrieval. However, the relationship between an individual’s locus of breakdown in word retrieval and their response to different treatment tasks remains unclear. Neuroimaging techniques may aid in understanding the neural and linguistic mechanisms underlying treatment-induced recovery and provide improved predictors of treatment success. This talk will outline the results of a series of studies investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying anomia treatment, and discuss potential future directions of this research.

Join us in CHD 420 on Friday, February 6, 2015 at 3:00pm. Please consider bringing your own mug for a greener cup of coffee!