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Poster: Kabasele 2

Cultural variations and Gender as depicted in Compliments

Philothe Kabasele

The focus of this study is on the impact of social variables such as gender, age, marital status, and level of education to name but a few on responses to compliments of appearance people give in a multicultural as well as multilingual social setting. The study is important in that it addresses people with different socio-cultural backgrounds and it aims to determine whether people’s response to compliments in a multicultural/multilingual setting is dictated by their home cultural values or if they abide by the new societal rules of living in their host community. The focus of this study is to present a succinct influence of the sociocultural forces, which originate from two worlds: home culture and or host community rules of social integration on the responses people give to compliments of appearance. Three specific scenarios were defined and a questionnaire was used in order to collect data. The findings of the study have revealed that the subjects when communicating in cross-cultural situations abide by their specific socio-cultural values. Beyond that, there are moralism, which dictate their speech performance and choice of words in their intercultural communication. Also, their choice of words and speech performance are firmly dictated by gender differences.