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Submitted by nnreimer on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 3:56pm

I am student, faculty or staff in the School of Creative and Performing Arts

Aurélie Maerten, SCPA Communications and Marketing Advisor, can assist with any of the following:

  • I want something included in a department newsletter
  • I want something to be considered for social media, or for an internal news story
  • I want my research news to be published on SCPA’s Faculty Updates page
  • I want a poster made for an upcoming SCPA event/course/talk/conference
  • I want access to UCalgary fonts, logos, images or design elements
  • I’d like to learn more about the promotional strategy for SCPA events and news

Phone: (403) 220-4999

I want to submit a story idea

Contact Senior Communications Specialist Heath McCoy at 403.220.5089 or

I want to get my research into the media

Contact our media expert Heath McCoy. He can:

  • Assess the potential your story has for local or national media coverage
  • Make suggestions for getting your story onto the Faculty of Arts website and into Arts Engage (weekly Faculty of Arts e-newsletter), UToday (daily University of Calgary e-newsletter) and UCalgary Alumni Magazine (bi-annual Alumni magazine).

I want help promoting my event

  1. Contact your unit’s website administrator and ask them to post the event on your department, school or centre homepage.
  2. This event listing will automatically feed onto the Faculty of Arts events listing page, and will be included in our weekly Arts Engage newsletter
  3. To have your event shared on the campus-wide UCalgary events calendar, submit it to their events page.
  4. To have your event shared on faculty social media accounts, contact Nikki Reimer.

Do you need print posters or digital materials to help promote your event?

Contact Creative Solutions >

I want to create a print poster, brochure, banner, or advertising campaign

The University Relations Marketing team is the central resource on campus for creative solutions, providing an efficient, cost-effective way for faculty and staff to create materials that are compelling, engaging and aligned with the UCalgary brand.

Visit Creative Solutions to learn more >

I want access to fonts, logos, images or design elements

  • Need a logo for your unit? Write to >
  • Want to understand how to use University, Faculty or Department logos? Please review the Identity Basics Document – top link on the Visual Identity Standards page (log-in required)
  • Are you from the School of Creative and Performing Arts? Aurélie Maerten, Communications and Marketing Advisor for SCPA, can assist you with image and design elements questions
  • Are you promoting an event where your unit is one of multiple campus entities promoting or sponsoring that event? Use the UCalgary logo, rather than several different department or unit lockups.
  • Need help developing and designing marketing materials? Contact Creative Solutions >
  • Looking for a specific image of campus? Contact Debby Herold >
  • Need to design images for promotional purposes? Here are some common formats:
    • Faculty of Arts banner: 980 x 292 px
    • Department banners: 794 x 178 px
    • Shout out button: 392 x 128 px
    • Marketo header: 600 x 285 px
    • Marketo landing page: 2000 x 800 px (this just goes behind the registration and confirmation pages, e.g.
    • Facebook post: 1200 x 630 px
    • Facebook page cover image: 720p × 960px
    • Twitter post: 1024 x 512 px
    • Instagram post: 1080 x 1080 px

I want to create a website for myself or my unit. I want to build my own website and have it hosted on UCalgary servers

  1. Fill out the Web Services website requests form (CAS log-in required).
  2. Please note that except under exceptional circumstances, externally-built websites are not able to be hosted or supported by UCalgary Information Technologies. Please contact Nikki Reimer prior to proceeding with a website build.

I need help updating my website

Submit an IT Help ticket. This will get your request into the service queue, and ensure that your request quickly reaches the correct person. Select either:

I want to create a website for my student group, club or team

  • Undergraduate students groups, clubs or teams who are sanctioned by the Student's Union can create a website on Club Hub.
  • We do not provide space for graduate clubs or clubs who are not SU-sanctioned.

I have a website emergency

A website emergency includes:

  • My site is down
  • The network servers are down
  • I can’t log in to my site
  • I’m having trouble posting something that needs to be live right now due to a date or time dependency (i.e., deadline change, event cancellation or change).

Contacts (go to next on list if you can’t reach one):

  1. Jason Reid: (403) 220-7903 or >
  2. Nikki Reimer: (403) 220-5620 or >
  3. Debby Herold: (403) 220-5902 or >

I want to grow my social media presence, build a social campaign or create a social media account. I am active on social media and want to connect with Faculty of Arts

Please contact Nikki Reimer prior to creating any new accounts. The guiding principle for social media activities at the University of Calgary is to look for an existing channel for your content before attempting to create a new one. We have a number of existing channels within the Faculty of Arts that may be the right place for your message.

Want to grow your social media presence, or create a social media content calendar? Are you a faculty member with an active social media presence and you want to connect with Faculty of Arts?
Contact Nikki Reimer >

You can also download and review the Social Media Standards document for the University >

Faculty of Arts Website Administrators

Need help formatting something on your website? See something broken? Submit an IT Help Ticket. This will get your request into the queue, and will direct it to the right person.

Need help updating your information on a website, or want to add an event? Start with your unit web administrator >

Faculty of Arts Social Media Channels

Join the conversation! Browse the directory of Arts faculty social channels.

Want to start a social media account for your unit? Please contact Nikki Reimer first.

I want to submit my photo for Photo of the Week

I want to write and edit for digital or print communications

As a world-class institution, it is important to maintain first-rate, professional standards in our print and online publications. Our university style guide is intended to provide a definitive resource for writers, offering a consistent approach to how we present ourselves to our internal and external audiences.

Further questions? Contact Nikki Reimer >