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Advantage for Life

The LRC is proud to announce the release of a new video describing the advantages of learning a second language.  Funded by Alberta Education and produced by the Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Calgary, Advantage for Life provides an accessible overview of the cognitive, economic and social advantages that come with learning another language.

To order the DVD please contact the LRC: 


"...the quality of this documentary is excellent.  Its approach is very pragmatic, the montage is very professional and the video is extremely accessible:  the language is simple, technical words are kept to a minimum and are always explained, and many similes and metaphors are used to convey the message.  Moreover, it remains realistic:  it does say that learning a language involves hard work, that knowing a second language is different from being fluent in that language and that the younger the learner, the more beneficial the learning. (Nevertheless, everyone is able to reap some benefits from learning another language.)"    

 Dr. Julien Eychenne