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Newly-funded research projects

Submitted by darmstro on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 3:47pm
UCalgary Campus by Dave BrownFrom free will and energy security, through resistance rights and transgender singing voice, to Iraqi activism and primate sensory evolution, the funded research projects listed below illustrate the critical, creative and inspiring research we engage in in the Faculty of Arts. Learn more about the research projects by clicking on “Read more” under each of the entries.

Adam Bell, School of Creative and Performing Arts

Project: Hacking Disability in Music Education

Suzanne Curtin, Psychology

Project: Flexibility of From: How Infants’ Phonological Knowledge Influences Word Learning

Petra Dolata, History

Project: The 1970s Energy Crises and Energy Security: A  Cross-national and Transatlantic History

Antonio Franceschet, Political Science

Project: Theorizing Resistance Rights in International Politics

Anuradha Gobin, Art

Project: Picturing Punishment: The Material Afterlife of the Criminal Body in the Dutch Republic

Ish Haji, Philosophy

Project: Free Will and Obligation

Laura Hynes, School of Creative and Performing Arts

Project: ConcerT: Testosterone and the Transgender Singing Voice

Tareq Ismael, Political Science

Project: Iraq Activism and the Green Zone: From Public Protest to Social Movement

David Liebesman, Philosophy

Project: Counting in Language and Reality

Sheri Madigan, Psychology

Project: Validation, Training, and Implementation of an Observational Assessment Tool of Maladaptive Parenting for Use in Applied Settings with Families at High Social Risk

Amanda Melin, Anthropology and Archaeology

Project: How We Came to Our Senses: Dietary Ecology and Primate Sensory Evolution

Francine Michaud, History

Project: Living a Good Death in Final Wishes: Lay Sanctification and Testament Practice at the Turn of the Fourteenth Century

Brian Moorman, Geography

Project: Rapid Landscape Evolution at the Permafrost-Glacier Interface

Richelle Mychasiuk, Psychology

Project: Epigenetic Regulation of PFC Maturation in Adolescents

Project: Modulation of Adolescent TBI via the Orexin System, Sleep, and Glymphatic Function

Melanie Noel, Psychology

Project: Co-constructing the Past: Examining Mother- and Father-Child Narratives about Past Events Involving Pain versus Sadness

Sabrina Peric, Anthropology and Archaeology

Project: Illegala: Reading, radicalism and Paramilitarism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Penny Pexman, Psychology

Project: Investigating the Origins of Sound Symbolism in Infancy

Kathryn Reese-Taylor, Anthropology and Archaeology

Project: Exploring the Development of a Complex Agricultural System in the Maya Lowlands Through the Analysis of eDNA

Tamara Shepherd, Communication, Media and Film

Project: Power in Policymaking: Regulatory Framings of Canada’s Internet

Pascale Sicotte, Anthropology and Archaeology

Project: Counter-Strategies against Infanticide by Males in Primates

David Sigler, English

Project: Women’s Writing and the Contemporary Future in British Romanticism

Scott Taylor, Economics

Project: Trade and the Environment: A Firm Level Focus

Martin Wagner, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures

Project: Narratives of Obedient Agency, 1700-1900

John Yackel, Geography

Project: Climate forcing of Physical and Electrical Properties of Snow- Covered Sea Ice