Dec. 6, 2022

2022 CMF Awards Roundup!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Barbara Schneider Student Writing Awards!

These awards are given out annually in recognition of outstanding essays by CMF majors in three categories. The winners in 2022 were:

Undergraduate (COMS) category

Congratulations to Callum Robertson for “Archaic Methods, Subculture Sensibilities, Outsider Aesthetics & Instagram: A Humble Cultural Artifact Attempts to Resist the Almighty Algorithm” (COMS 473). This essay skillfully blends critical and creative materials into an impressive and provocative project. Well done!

Undergraduate (FILM) category

The committee applauds Mataya Hofland’s essay, “A Haunted House: Gender Dynamics and Domesticity in Hitchcock’s Horror Psycho” (FILM 403) for its eloquence and originality. A unique quality of Hofland’s writing is its investment in a discerning word play, forging new conceptual parameters for Hitchcock’s work.

Graduate category

Adiki Puplampu, “Surviving COVID-19: A Thematic Analysis of Long-Haulers in Canadian News Media” (COMS 647). The committee found this paper to be of near-publishable quality, with a well-written and organized presentation of original research on the news media coverage of Covid long-haulers. Given its unique perspective on a topical yet understudied aspect of media’s role in the pandemic, Puplampu’s paper offers a significant contribution to the field.