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In the News: Shelley Alexander, Geography, in CBC News

Number of coyotes sauntering down Calgary streets and snatching pets has leapt by 66% — but don't panic

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In the News: Sheri Madigan, Psychology, on CTV News Calgary

Advice to get kids outside

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In the News: Blake Shaffer, Economics, in the Calgary Herald

Power prices surge to $999 MWh and natural gas climbs as cold snap hits Alberta

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In the News: Charlene Elliott, Arts and Kinesiology, in the Vancouver Sun

Harvard neuroscientist issues caution about legalized cannabis edibles

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In the News: Rob Huebert, Political Science, in CBC News

Beef up SAR to keep the North secure, experts argue

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In the News: Paul Stortz, Faculty of Arts, in CBC Calgary

'A huge issue of mental health': Researcher receives $80K grant to study history of hazing

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In the News: Lucija Muehlenbachs, Economics, in the Financial Post

Alberta ranchers, farmers furious over oil and gas companies' failure to clean up their geriatric wells

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