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Arts Faculty Computer Lab upgraded


By Caitlyn Spencer

The Arts Faculty Computer Lab (AFCL) — formerly the Tri-Faculty Lab — received a much-needed upgrade this summer with the replacement of the 115 computers in its three PC sections.

“It’s long overdue,” says Paul Kubicek, director of Arts IT. “Computers usually require updates every three to four years. These computers were five years old, and they’re used by many students every day. They were very slow.”

The lab, located in the basement of Social Sciences, has been in operation since 1996. “It’s used for classes, drop-ins, research activities, seminars, and conferences,” says Kubicek. During the fall and winter semesters, the lab serves hundreds of students each week.

Arts IT hopes to receive funding to upgrade the fourth section of the AFCL, which contains Macs instead of PCs. “Our Mac lab has much more space for collaborative work,” says Kubicek. “Many of the classes here use them for group projects.”

AFCL has many amenities for its users: projectors and headphones are available for classes, as are speakers for microphone set-ups. Sections of the lab can also be physically separated from one another by means of shutter doors.

AFCL also has some of the cheapest printing on campus, for the environmentally minded: one double-sided page costs only 10 cents to print, whereas in the TFDL it costs 16 cents. For starving students, this difference can be crucial. The Arts Lab is also one of the only places on campus that accepts cash for print jobs.

“The upgrade’s been very successful,” says Kubicek. The AFCL is currently being used by over 60 classes covering everything from Art to Geography to Economics to Philosophy. It is open from 8 am-10 pm Monday through Friday, and from 10 am-6 pm on weekends.

For current hours and more information, including booking information, click here. The AFCL is located in SS 018.

Photo: Arts IT Director Paul Kubicek with AFCL supervisor Rafi Iqealzada, a third year chemistry major.