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Congress 2016 callout

Hundreds of volunteers needed to help welcome 8,000 guests to campus for Congress 2016 event, May 28 to June 3

By Jennifer Robitaille

Do you want get involved in one of the biggest events to hit campus? Show off your campus to out of town guests? Help showcase the University of Calgary during its 50th Anniversary? Gain some valuable work experience? Make new friends? Attend public sessions starring cutting-edge researchers and big thinkers? Take in some arts and culture?

These are all questions that Danielle Kraus, Volunteer Coordinator for the 2016 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences hopes University of Calgary students, faculty, staff and alumni respond to with a resounding "yes!" 

Danielle is looking for a few hundred volunteers to fill a variety of roles so the University of Calgary and the Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences can put on a memorable Congress in a milestone year - this being both the 85th Congress and the university's 50th anniversary.

Running from May 28 to June 3, 2016, with over 70 academic associations holding annual conferences, 2,000 events and 5,400 presentations, Congress 2016 promises to have a volunteer opportunity for everyone.

ArtsNow sat down with Danielle to find out more information about volunteering for Congress 2016 as she sets out to fill hundreds of volunteer shifts by the middle of May.

Q: What are the benefits of volunteering for Congress 2016?

A: One of the biggest benefits of volunteering for Congress 2016 will be to help put our best University of Calgary face forward. Other benefits include: a volunteer acknowledgement letter as well as some Congress 2016 SWAG, and the opportunity to choose from over 100 of the public Congress 2016 events to attend when off duty. For current students, Congress is now recognized by the Co-Curricular Record.  Students can visit  for more information.

Q: What volunteer opportunities are there during Congress?

A: There are many different volunteer roles available – anything from helping people find their way around campus to riding along with our shuttle bus drivers to welcoming attendees when they check in at residence or even assisting at special events.

Q: How many volunteers are you recruiting and how do people sign-up?

A:  I’m looking for about 320 to 540 volunteers. People can sign up and learn more about Congress through  our main event webpage. Volunteer roles will be filled on a first come basis by the middle of May, so if there is something especially interesting, I suggest that people volunteer as soon as possible to get the roles and shifts they prefer.

Q: What are you looking most forward to during Congress 2016?

A: I ‘m most looking forward to being involved in the biggest annual gathering of academics in Canada and being able to watch it all come together. People on the Congress team will have worked for two years on this event to ensure its success.

Q: If people want more information about volunteering, how can they contact you?

A: Email me at or call 403-220-4637. I’ll also be a recruiting volunteer around campus over the next couple of months.